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What is a Judgment ?
Definition:  A judgment (see spelling note below), in a legal context, is synonymous with the formal decision made by a court following a lawsuit. At the same time the court may also make a range of court orders, such as impos...
Court: Itís Bad Judgment - Part Two
Court: Itís Bad Judgment  -  Part Two Arbitration, as I purported in my previous article, is the Judiciary process of the future. In its best form, it protects the reputations of both parties, preserves dignity, truly considers the i...
How Public Record Searches can help you
Sometimes a judgment is hard to recover because the person is hard to find or insolvent.At least it would appear this way. But thankfully there are tools our there to help you located the person and their assets.Indeed an information brokers may help you ...
Court: Itís Bad Judgment (part 1)
Court: Itís Bad Judgment (part 1)I hate court. Everything about it. I hate the calloused wooden benches, the rampant feelings of paranoia, and the dingy white lighting that accents my pallid skin and puffy eyes. It's unbecoming. Not to mention...

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